MFINITY Rewards Program

Buy Products, Get Rewarded!

MFINITY rewards your loyalty! Our rewards program gives you up to $80 in FREE PRODUCTS every month with your qualifying Autoship.

Here's How it Works:

Set up an Autoship Order and get free rewards once your order is processed. Get 6 consecutive months of Autoship orders and you’ll become a VIP and DOUBLE your FREE product credit!

Bronze Level

$100 with 100 QV = $10 Credit

Silver Level

$200 with 200 QV = $20 Credit

Gold Level

$300 with 300 QV = $40 Credit

Become a VIP

When you qualify for MFINITY Rewards for 6 consecutive months, you become a VIP and enjoy DOUBLE the rewards!

Program Details

MFINITY Loyalty Rewards are available to Ambassadors as well as Retail and Preferred Customers with a qualifying Autoship. Qualifying Autoship orders have a subtotal (without shipping and tax) of $100 or more with a corresponding total of QV (100 QV, 200QV, or 300QV). Only MFINITY commissionable product count towards these totals. Sales aids, event registrations, and non-commissionable product do not count towards qualifying Autoship totals. Rewards credits are issued by the 15th of the month following the Autoship order. 

Example: An Autoship order has $220 and 240 QV of commissionable product and is processed on June 15th. This order would trigger a $20 rewards credit to be issued between July 1st-July 15th.

Rewards credits can only be applied to a single full-priced item or pack. Rewards credits may not be used on Starter Packs, specials, event registrations, promotional items, sales aids, order shipping, or tax. BV and QV is not issued on reward credit. Multiple Credits may be used on the same order, but not on the same item.

Example: A $20 rewards credit is used to cover or reduce the cost of Ginger Boost from $25 to $5. BV and QV would be paid on the remaining $5.

Earned rewards credit may be viewed on the ‘place order’ page in your Back Office. All rewards credit expires 30 days from the date issued.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I combine reward credits?
A: Multiple rewards credits may be used for multiple items on the same order, however, multiple rewards credits can not be used on the same item in an order

Q: Can my non-Autoship orders count towards my Boost IT Rewards level?
A: No. A qualifying order is a single Autoship order with $100 and 100 QV or more. Autoship order may not be combined. 

Q: Do I have to have 6 consecutive months at a certain Boost IT Buck level to receive VIP rewards for that level?
A: VIP rewards are paid when a customer has 6 consecutive months at any rewards level. Once a Vinaka VIP, the customer may qualify for a different reward level and receive double rewards at that level.

Q: What happens if I’m a VIP and I miss a month with a qualifying autoship?
A: You’re VIP rewards status would lapse. The next month you have a qualifying autoship, you would receive the standard Boost IT Buck rewards.

Q: How do I use the rewards credit?
A: Once the rewards are issued, you can see them on the Place Order section of your Back Office (lower right hand corner of the ordering page). Select your items and check the box next to the rewards credit you would like to use.

Q: Can I use my rewards credit towards a Starter Pack?
A: No, rewards credits can only be used for full-priced products and packs. Starter Packs do not apply here.

Q: Can I use my rewards credit towards an event registration or sales aids?
A: No, rewards credits can only be used for full-priced products and packs. 

Q: Can I use my rewards credit toward on shipping or tax on my order?
A: No, rewards credits are used on single items on the order, and can not be used towards shipping or tax.

Q: Do I receive BV and QV on an item purchased with rewards credit?
A: You receive BV and QV on any remaining amount after the rewards credit is applied. So if you purchase a $50 item  with a $40 reward credit, BV and QV would be issued on that item for the $10 net amount. 

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